Get a copy of our new book, including contributions from the UN, World Economic Forum, and White House Cybersecurity Initiative:  Trust::Data: A New Framework for Identity and Data Sharing

The Trust::Data Consortium addresses the growing tension between societal data proliferation and data security by developing specifications, software, tools and documentation that help organizations adopt a holistic approach to cyber protection.  Trust::Data is building new models for digital identity, data provenance, universal access, and secure privacy-preserving transactions to harness the future potential of global data sharing.

The mission of The Trust::Data Consortium is to create open source tools and services that foster the development of a secure internet-based network of trusted data.

With the emergence of massive global data ecosystems, The Trust::Data Consortium aims to provide people, organizations, and computers the ability to manage access to their data more securely, efficiently and equitably, while protecting personal data from incursion and corruption.  As we have moved from the analog world to the digital world, our data, security and governance systems have not kept pace.  It has created numerous issues ranging from data insecurity (such as the large-scale government and private sector data losses of recent years) to a widening digital divide between rich and poor, including the global disenfranchisement of over 1.5 billion people who lack legal identity.

Evolving from the 25-year history of MIT Kerberos in MIT's famous Project Athena, Trust::Data continues the MIT tradition of solving difficult problems facing society today and in the future, and providing open source solutions, free to the world.